Introducing Nimbuzz for your Windows Mobile Phones!

The wait is over! You asked for it, and here we are… Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows Phone 7 is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for downloads. Enjoy the Nimbuzz experience on your WP7 phones, enabling you to connect with your buddies on Nimbuzz, Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN/Live Messenger on the move.

What are you waiting for? Download now!!

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The Next Web 2010: Take aways

The Next Web

More pictures from The Next Web conference

Hello all, I just got back from The Next Web conference in Amsterdam and I can tell you it was great! Nice people, cool gadgets (lots of iPads around :P ), great business ideas, very interesting topics and especially a great spirit.

If I would have to list the 3 best things I got from this event, those would be:

  1. Spirit (the most important thing): After you see so many cool new ideas, so many people trying new things and discussing business opportunities you will definitely say: I can do it. You will get out that door with new targets,  higher expectations and a lot positive energy.
  2. Networking: This was a great chance to meet new people and  the guys who write on the biggest tech blogs, which I follow on a daily basis.  Today I got the chance to meet Robin and Mike from TC, some cool guys from Nokia’s OVI store, the brains behind Prey Project and many others.
  3. Social Aggregation is the present and the future! Starting with Microsoft that introduced a nifty new concept of Social feed aggregation and continuing with small start-ups that bring email and social inbox aggregation, everybody there agreed on the fact that this is something extremely important.


Windows 7 Officially released


Today is the big day for Microsoft – the long-awaited Windows 7 is finally released into the wild!  So far the operating system has received great reviews around the web. Amazon even said that Windows 7 is bigger than Harry Potter, so things are looking bright for them ;).

Here at Nimbuzz we were so enthusiastic about Windows 7, that back in May we were among the  first to download and test the Release Candidate 1.

Now, 8 months later, it’s ready to go and we’ve had lots of time to test Nimbuzz for PC on W7 and make sure it works really well!