Nimbuzz for PC Updated with chatrooms enhancements

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Nimbuzz users on PC have some exciting updates to look forward to.  After the excitement of stickers, it was time to make some more upgrades that would further ensure a seamless and more fulfilling Nimbuzz experience on the PC.

Below is a list of new features that we have updated in the new build:

  • Display Avatar in Chatrooms
  • UI Enhancements in Chatrooms
  • Separate Icon for Stickers
  • Bug Fix and Improvements

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Express yourself Better with Stickers on Nimbuzz Desktop

Nimbuzz PC Stickers

Ques: What’s the cool thing that has Nimbuzz users on Android all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

Ques: What’s the cool thing that will have Nimbuzz users on the desktop all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

The past week has been extremely exciting for all of us at Nimbuzz after we introduced our version of the popular stickers on the Nimbuzz for Android. The number of stickers being used every day is sky rocketing and now we plan to take this power of expression to our desktop version.

Nimbuzz users on desktop will now be able to explore the exciting world of expressions and share it with their connections in one on one and group chats. While, a wide variety of stickers are available for free download, we have include some premium stickers packs that can be bought rather cheap using Nimbuckz, our in app currency.

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New Nimbuzz (2.4.0) with Chatrooms. Download now for your PC!

We are excited to announce that the new PC version (2.4.0) of Nimbuzz is now available for download. If you want to try it out you can get it right away from

The new Nimbuzz for PC comes with below useful features & improvements:
– The most awaited feature Chatrooms is back!
– Post Personal Message to Facebook ‘via nimbuzz.
– Search for your friends on Nimbuzz.
– UI improvements.
– Attractive user profile.
– Some Bug fixes & Improvements.


New Nimbuzz Messenger PC 2.3.0 Download now

The Nimbuzz team has always wanted to surprise & deliver beyond expectations. We present to you Nimbuzz Messenger PC 2.3.0.

This time, you will not only get features that you have requested, but also never seen before like improvements ;) . We have gone through the most used features and made them a lot better in an attempt to improve your Nimbuzz’ing experience.

What’s New:

  • See who just came online with the Friends Notifications Toaster
  • View Thumbnails of files you shared or received
  • Forward received files from within the chat screen
  • Block unwanted contacts

Here is a detailed description of the new features in the Nimbuzz Messenger 2.3.0:


Microsoft, HP and the “Slate PC”

hp-tablet or pc-slate

At CES,  Steve Ballmer presented a tablet built by Hewlett Packard and powered by the Windows 7 O.S. . The device was referred to by the name of  “Slate PC” (according to VB) and although there is no proof of that yet rumors have it that it will have multi-touch capabilities.

There is no date for it’s release yet, but with Apple coming up with their Tablet pretty soon(most probably in March) HP should hurry up.


Testing Nimbuzz on Windows 7 RC1


As you might have heard, Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 is out and tech blogs are writing about the new features, fast response time, and slick interface of this new Windows OS.

After reading all these articles I decided to see for myself how do I get along with Windows 7 and also I was really curious to see how Nimbuzz for the PC [Download Nimbuzz PC now] runs on it.

After 30 minutes of intense testing I was really happy about the new O.S and Nimbuzz. Both worked very nicely together, and I think this a perfect match.


Upgrade to Nimbuzz PC 0.90.5

In case you have not yet upgraded to the latest Nimbuzz PC version you can do that now!

Since yesterday, all the users that had installed on their PC an older version than Nimbuzz 0.90.5 received a pop-up message inviting them to upgrade.

We have previously announced the New Nimbuzz PC back in January.

We would like to welcome everybody that just upgraded and we hope you enjoy the new looks and functionality!

Feedback is always welcome!

UPDATE: Nimbuzz for the Mac! Send an email to to be the first to test!

Choose to see, and NOT be seen – “Invisible” status

At times, we can all sympathize with the author, Danielle Steel’s quote, “It’s hard being visible, so I’ve made myself invisible.” In case you ever want to be there (from a distance), and just observe, Nimbuzz understands.

With the new “Appear Offline/Invisible” login option, your status will be changed to offline/away automatically, without any extra clicking.


New style for instant messaging with Nimbuzz PC!

Nimbuzz for your PC with a fresh new look and ready for download.

In the last few weeks we worked a lot on a new version for Nimbuzz PC and today we are more than happy to present you the final result. I have to admit, I waited more than anyone for this new version.

Having all my friends from Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Jabber, Hyves, and Gadu-Gadu in one contact list, on my computer, is incredibly useful and convenient.

Even better, the fact that I can also call my friends on Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk, and Nimbuzz – for free!


Locate your phone with the “Buzz”!

Ever have to frantically ask a nearby friend to call your phone so you can find it, before it stops ringing? Although you find your phone, you leave an impression that you do this to all incoming phone calls…

The “Buzz” is a short call alert sent to a phone, when Nimbuzz is not running; Used to alert an offline buddy. Instead of using costly mobile minutes to get in touch with your friend, sending a Buzz alert is free and auto-starts Nimbuzz! (depending on your handset)

BUZZee: To benefit from the “Buzz”, the feature must be activated via Nimbuzz Mobile: Menu/Options > Settings > Nimbuzz > The Buzz; then choose to Activate; or PC Client: File > Nimbuzz Account Settings > Allow others to Buzz me.

A received Buzz alert looks like a missed called from Nimbuzz Buzz, or +313131.

BUZZer: To “Buzz” a contact on your Nimbuzz buddy list, just select the offline NimbuzzID and press BUZZ.

Now, in the situation mentioned above, you can casually go to the nearest internet-enabled device, buzz yourself, locate your own phone, unfrazzled. We’ll keep it as our little secret.