Blocked: NimbuzzOut calling from India to landlines and mobiles within India

Dear Nimbuzzer,

We need to inform you that unfortunately, from November 10, 2014 you’ll no longer be able to make calls from NimbuzzOut to Indian landlines and mobiles from within India. We apologise for any disruption this may cause.

How does this change impact you?
When you’re in India, you’ll no longer be able to use NimbuzzOut to call landlines or mobiles in India.

What doesn’t change?
You can continue to use your NimbuzzOut VoIP Credit to make low cost calls to any INTERNATIONAL destinations from inside India and continue to use other GREAT features on Nimbuzz such as Chatting with friends, Group chat, Free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calling etc.

If you live or are travelling outside of India, you can still call landlines or mobiles in India using your NimbuzzOut VoIP Credits.

In case of any queries, please feel to reach us at

Celebrate Relationships This Diwali with NimbuzzOut


The festive spirit of Diwali is finally here. It’s time to celebrate special relationships with friends and family. NimbuzzOut announces the launch of an exciting Diwali offer that allows Nimbuzz users to enjoy 1100 minutes of India calling for only $10.

Nimbuzz always makes the extra effort to be a part of your celebrations and we are confident that with this special offer your Diwali will be a lot more connected. You can get avail the special Diwali NimbuzzOut pack here.

Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Diwali!

Ramadan Special: Call Pakistan & Bangladesh at 2 Cents a Minute


The festivities of Ramadan are here and there is no way that Nimbuzz would be left out from them. In an ode to maximize the festive excitement, NimbuzzOut has launched special Ramadan calling rates that allows users to call the mobile phones of their loved ones in Pakistan and Bangladesh for just 2 cents a minute.

This offer is valid for NimbuzzOut users across the world only during the period of Ramadan. Start calling and celebrate the festivities with NimbuzzOut.

Express yourself Better with Stickers on Nimbuzz Desktop

Nimbuzz PC Stickers

Ques: What’s the cool thing that has Nimbuzz users on Android all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

Ques: What’s the cool thing that will have Nimbuzz users on the desktop all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

The past week has been extremely exciting for all of us at Nimbuzz after we introduced our version of the popular stickers on the Nimbuzz for Android. The number of stickers being used every day is sky rocketing and now we plan to take this power of expression to our desktop version.

Nimbuzz users on desktop will now be able to explore the exciting world of expressions and share it with their connections in one on one and group chats. While, a wide variety of stickers are available for free download, we have include some premium stickers packs that can be bought rather cheap using Nimbuckz, our in app currency.

Nimbuzz Download


Celebrate Valentine’s Day a Little Extra with NimbuzzOut


The season to celebrate the power of oneness is finally here. Valentine’s Day is all about translating your emotions and thoughts for your loved one into actions and words.

Nimbuzz has always been about bringing your loved ones closer to you. There was no way that we were going to be left out in this season of teddies, flowers and everything else that showcases your love for the one closest to you. So, if you live alone miles away from your beloved and international calling bills make you not want to speak to him or her, Nimbuzz has the perfect Valentines celebration for you.



Call India at just 1.59 Cents a Minute

Call India_NimbuzzOut

We at Nimbuzz work day in and day out to connect our users to their loved ones across the world. In an endeavour to minimize the cost associated with the special bonds you share with your friends and family, Nimbuzz has slashed its NimbuzzOut calling rates by as much as 50%.

NimbuzzOut is a VoIP calling platform that allows Nimbuzz users to call India at prices far below conventional rates. With this move, all Pay As You Go (PAYG) calls will be charged at 1.59 cents per minute irrespective of whether they are calling a mobile or a landline number.


Call Unlimited to Pakistan at Unbelievable Rates


Hi Nimbuzzers,

Nimbuzz has always been about bringing the world closer. Relationships and conversation know no boundaries and to bring you closer to your loved ones in Pakistan, we have introduced a special Pakistan calling pack.

Nimbuzz users would now be able to enjoy 2000 minutes of Pakistan calling at just $50. This initiative is a translation of our intent of making Nimbuzz the comprehensive solution for all your conversational needs.

Nimbuzz users have through the years supported us at every step and we are confident that our efforts in building the platform according to transforming user needs will help us in our endeavour to ensure boundary less conversations.

All you need to do is log onto the Nimbuzz Out Website and subscribe to the Pakistan Calling Voucher.

Don’t forget to leave your comments/suggestions in the section below.


Happy Calling!

Nimbuzz Team

Nimbuzz: The Thread that connects

RakshaBandhan is all about celebrating the everlasting bond between brother and sister. It’s about cherishing those memories of the time spent together and renewing the commitment of endless love, joy, security and compassion.

True to our commitment of bringing you closer to your loved ones, Nimbuzz introduces a special offer that will allow you to stay connected with your siblings irrespective of the distance that might separate you.

This RakshaBandhan our users get a 20% discount by using the promotion code rakhi20 at the time of purchase. This offer is not applicable on Minutes pack.


So let those endless conversations take center stage without having to worry about expensive calling rates and never ending mobile bills.

Celebrate Indian Independence Day with Nimbuzz

This year, as India completes 66 years of independence, every Indian across the globe will celebrate with equal happiness and unity. Freedom is just more than a word and a sentiment. It is the independence to do what you like at your will.

Independence Day is an extra special time for Indians across the globe because the fight for independence was a 150-year long struggle.On this special occasion, NimbuzzOut presents to you a super-saver pack. Users get a 15% discount on credit purchase by using the promo code india15 at the time of purchase. This is not applicable on Minutes packs. NimbuzzOut offers you freedom from huge bills for international connectivity.


This way we insure that your loved ones across the globe feel at home on this special occasion. With a presence across all major operating systems the Independence special offer, will help our users express themselves easily and at an amazing price.

Just another way for us to keep Nimbuzz users connected as always, and to celebrate every moment with the ones they love.

May this Independence Day bring joy to you and your family.

Happy Independence Day!

Nimbuzzout Ramadan special – SUPER calling packs to India and Bangladesh

Nimbuzz Out Ramadan

Celebrating a festive season is always more meaningful with the ones you love. Bringing everyone; old and young together to smile, eat and celebrate together. Ramadan every year signifies that unity, a connection, but there are always some who are far away from home and miss the ones who are closest to them.

So this year for Ramadan, Nimbuzzout presents super calling packs to India and Bangladesh. Making it easier for you to connect and more importantly hear the voices of the ones you remember this Ramadan.

With a presence across all major operating systems the Ramadan special will help our users express themselves easily and at an amazing price. At 20 dollars Nimbuzzout users will get approximately 25 hours of conversation time to India and at 10 dollars more than 9 hours of conversation time to Bangladesh. We are always looking at ways to bring our users closer to each other, while creating an environment and belief that no one is too far away while there is Nimbuzzout. These special conversation packs are just another way for us to keep Nimbuzz users connected always, and to celebrate every moment with the ones they love.

Ramadan Mubarak, from everyone at Nimbuzz.

Details on the Super Calling packs to India & Bangladesh:
• Get 1500 minutes of calling to India at $20
• Get 550 minutes of calling to Bangladesh at $10
• Validity of minutes would be 30 days from the date of top-up
• Balance minutes post 30 days would be forfeited