Find old friends, discover new people and stay connected on Nimbuzz

Hey guys, we are introducing two really amazing features, which will allow you to connect with over 90+ million Nimbuzz community members. Now, you can discover new people, reconnect with old friends and acquaintances, and keep in touch with your colleagues right from your mobile as well as PC. Introducing – Nimbuzz User Search & Phone Number Verification (PNV).

User Search will allow you to do all of the above and add friends to your Contact list right from the search results page on NWorld.

How to search your friends?

  • Visit N-World
  • Click on the search icon on the top right corner
  • Start connecting with your friends!

Download the latest Nimbuzz for your device and access NWorld.


New Nimbuzz chat buddies to keep you updated on the go

Have you tried our latest Chat Buddies, which are especially made for you to make sure you get the most out of your time when you are looking for stuff.

Chat buddies are more than just friends. Just like your best friends are always online in your contact list and can help you, Chat buddies keeps you updated with various entertainment & information such as astrology updates, live cricket scores, stock updates, word meanings, general knowledge etc. All you need to do is add them from nWorld.


New Nimbuzz for Java phones – Download now!

Hey guys,

We are happy to inform you that a brand new Nimbuzz version(1.9.5) for Java enabled mobiles is available on our website. You can get it here.

You can also download the same via getjar as well.

What’s new?

  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Improved support for Nokia Touch & Type devices
  • Improved overall performance
  • Nimbuzz Ping phone Number Verification (PNV)
  • Better N-World Connectivity

Help us improve Nimbuzz further! If you experience any problem with the new version,please send us an email at support @ nimbuzz . com. We will do our best to fix it!