Touchscreen vs QWERTY vs T9: What’s Best?

I still remember my first mobile phone like it was yesterday! It was a Nokia 1010 and it was so cool back then. I could send text messages, call my friends and even play snake on it :D.  Not a lot but it was so nice to have a mobile :P!

Later on I have tested and owned quite a few mobiles and from Nokia I switched to Sony Ericsson, to HTC back to  Nokia and of course iPhone. Using all these models I had the opportunity to try T9 mobiles, QWERTY phones and touch screens and  each time I changed my phone I needed a short period to adapt  to the keyboard, menu, functionality, ringtone and other small things that each phone has.

However I guess the biggest changes were when I switched from T9 to QWERTY and from QWERTY to touch screen, each time I felt a big improvement and finally after all these years of testing and switching back and forth I can say: my favorite mobile phones are the touchscreen ones :).


Mobile Trends and Predictions: 2010 great year for smartphones


As you might remember we have previously discussed mobile trends and predictions on the Nimbuzz blog. We have looked into the smartphone application market share and its evolution and the VoIP predictions for 2013. Now we come back with some more interesting numbers gathered from around the web.

The International Data Corporation recently released it’s  Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report on and here are the takeaways:

  • 54.7 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2010 (1Q10), up 56.7% from 1Q09
  • 21.7% growth of the overall mobile phone market
  • 18.8% of all mobile phones shipped in 1Q10 are smartphones, up from 14.4% in 1Q09

As the guys from Cellular-news point out: “The smartphone market’s growth is impressive too when contrasted to the 38% growth in the fourth quarter, which is typically the strongest of the year.

IDC predicts that 2010 will be a year of large-scale consumer adoption of smartphones and I think they are right. I mean a lot of what is happening in the mobile industry points to this. In my opinion there are 5 important signs that support this idea:


Over 2 Billion mobile subscribers in BRIC by 2014

World wide mobile subscribers stats

eMarketer released a new interesting report on the growth of mobile subscribers in BRIC countries (Brazil / Russia / India / China). According to their analysis by 2014 BRIC will have over 2Billion mobile subscribers. Pretty amazing, right?

To put that in context:  there will be more mobile Internet users in China in 2010 than the entire population of the US.

Here is the split by country:

  • Over 200 million mobile subscribers in both Brazil and Russia by 2014
  • 853 million subscribers in India by 2014
  • 1.3 billion (yes billion) subscribers and 957 million mobile Internet users in China by 2014


VoIP in 2013: trends and predictions

Mobile VoIP predictions

Here is an interesting news,  a recent report from market research firm In-Stat estimates the total number of mobile VoIP users will be reach 288 million by the end of 2013.  They also divide the subscriber in 3 big categories:

  • more than 50% will use Mobile VoIP via their mobile VoIP providers (like Nimbuzz)
  • under one-third will utilize mobile VoIP with 3G MVNOs or mobile operators
  • 11% with WiMAX/LTE operators