Announcing Cross Platform Group Chats!

Nimbuzz Cross platform Group chat
Hey there !
We are very glad to announce that the new for iPhone, Android client and Symbian Client have been updated!
This update brings Group Chats along with loads of other goodies which makes your communication even more fun & efficient.
Here is a quick look at the new Nimbuzz update on Iphone client –
  • Group Chat: – Introducing Group Chat feature on Nimbuzz. With Group Chat, now you can-
    • You can create & join up to 25 group chats, so you can have a group for Family, Friends, Office & still many more based on your needs
    • Invite up to 25 buddies in a single group chat. Get as many friends as you want – plan a movie or an outing on the go with Nimbuzz
    • All your group chats saved & available anytime
    • Customise your Group Chat with wallpapers

Below are the list of other other updates on Android, iPhone and Symbian:


Nimbuzz for Symbian updated to 3.5! Download now

Hey there!

We are happy to roll out a new update for our Symbian users.

This version introduces a close integration of ‘Friend Search’ functionality within the Nimbuzz app. Now you can search for your friends in the 100 million strong Nimbuzz community worldwide with just a click of a button. Search Explore and Expand your friend network on Nimbuzz.

Whats new?

  • Friends search
  • Twitter Improvements
  • User interface improvements
  • Certification Error issue resolved


Nimbuzz – Winner Of The Opera Top Apps Awards

We are extremely proud to be the winner in the Opera Software’s 2012 Top Apps Awards in the communication category for Android operating system and also the overall winner for Symbian operating systems.

Nimbuzz, a free all-in-one communications app that allows users to call, message, chat, meet, and share photos, music and videos – anytime, anywhere, across multiple devices – wins Opera Software’s 2012 Top Apps Awards in the Communications category, specifically for its Nimbuzz Messenger Chat and Call for Symbian.

For more information, here’s the link to the announcement:

It brings us tremendous joy to know that there are a great number of users out there who appreciate the services provided by Nimbuzz.
Thank you all for your support!

Nimbuzz Symbian Certificate error workaround

Hi All Symbian Nimbuzzers,

As some of you have been noticing an error while installing Nimbuzz on their devices. The errors can be “Certificate expired”, “Update error” OR “Required Application access not granted”. The problem is caused due to a Nokia authentication certificate, which expired on 20th Oct 2012. Due to which, Nimbuzz cannot be installed on few old devices which still contain this expired certificate. We are closely working with Nokia in getting this sorted asap!

Additional facts:

  1. This issue does not affect ALL users. Only certain users who are using Symbian 3rd edition devices and the devices which are pretty old(2007 era)
  2. The security measures are not introduced in new version on Symbian S60. There have been there since 2006-2007 time frame

In the meanwhile you can try the below steps to get it back running:

For removing this error please follow the below mention steps –

  1. Open your mobile main Menu
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Date and time
  3. Now change the date to some months before(in our case it should be before 21st Oct, just take 1st Sept.)
  4. Now download and install the application
  5. Don’t forget to change date back to original date

If the problem still persists :

  • Go to Application Manager > Options > Settings and
  • Set “Online Certificate check” = Off and Software Installation = All

UPDATE: If you own an older phone you might receive the following error:

Installation security error. Unable to install

To solve this error and to install application navigate to Tools -> Options -> Setting -> Software Installation and change setting to OFF.

Let us know your feedback on the same in the comments section below. Or you can write back to us on

Nimbuzz team