RESEARCH: Mobile Communication Trends – East vs West

Being smack in the middle of next generation mobile communications we want to reveal the trends we see emerging from our global user survey with 48,000 respondents.

Based on our findings people in the West (Europe, North America), using Nimbuzz on their mobile, prefer asynchronous (text messaging) means of communication, as opposed to respondents from MENA (Syria, Libya, Saudia Arabia, Egypt), who prefer synchronous (voice calls) ways of mobile communication.


Froyo and Eclair for everybody…almost

Android Stats - September 2010

According to the latest numbers made available on the Android Developers blog,  70% of all the active Android phones are running on Android 2.x.

This is quite a huge jump if you think that back in May 63,6% of all active phones were running on 1.5 and 1.6,  so the Android 2.1 and 2.2 jumped from 30% to 70% in only 3 months.

This change in stats was caused by the big number of new mobile phones released lately but also due the large number of upgrades including the HTC trio of the Nexus One, EVO 4G and Desire handsets that now run on 2.2.

A big advantage of this achievement is that makes it easier for developers to create apps.  Less fragmentation means that developers need to take in account less variables when creating apps, which means that we can all enjoy better quality apps :D.

via engadget and phonearena

Touchscreen vs QWERTY vs T9: What’s Best?

I still remember my first mobile phone like it was yesterday! It was a Nokia 1010 and it was so cool back then. I could send text messages, call my friends and even play snake on it :D.  Not a lot but it was so nice to have a mobile :P!

Later on I have tested and owned quite a few mobiles and from Nokia I switched to Sony Ericsson, to HTC back to  Nokia and of course iPhone. Using all these models I had the opportunity to try T9 mobiles, QWERTY phones and touch screens and  each time I changed my phone I needed a short period to adapt  to the keyboard, menu, functionality, ringtone and other small things that each phone has.

However I guess the biggest changes were when I switched from T9 to QWERTY and from QWERTY to touch screen, each time I felt a big improvement and finally after all these years of testing and switching back and forth I can say: my favorite mobile phones are the touchscreen ones :).


Nokia ditching Symbian for N Series. MeeGo the future!

StopI am pretty sure that when Romans said Divide et Impera (Divide and Conquer) they didn’t have this in mind! What?? Even more diversity in the Nokia plethora of operating systems. Really?

My only worry about this is that Nokia will have one more platform to focus on while keeping the others alive. I mean there are already a lot of variations when it comes to operating systems on Nokia phones. One can find Java, different Symbian versions (a lot of them), Maemo, and soon even more devices with MeeGo. This could make Nokia lose its focus and instead of creating one competitive device they will make 10 average ones.