Say More with Stickers on Nimbuzz for iPhone

iPhone sticker

They are bright, they are vibrant, they let you express better and now they are a part of Nimbuzz on iPhone.

Yes, that’s right; Nimbuzz has introduced Stickers on iPhone so that the next time you want to greet your friend with a huge rose or say bye with a hug, you can actually do it. Nimbuzz users can send stickers in:

  • One to one chats,
  • group chats
  • community chats.

Right now, Nworld in buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

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Update to a Cooler Nimbuzz Experience on Android

Nimbuzz Android Updated

We spend a lot of time at Nimbuzz thinking of how we can make your communication experience more exciting and refreshing. Our commitment has always been to bring you and your loved ones closer irrespective of the several miles that may separate your relationship. In our latest endeavor to make Nimbuzz just that much more awesome, we rolled out our latest update packed with some exciting new additions and a whole lot of bug fixes to make the experience far more seamless than ever before.

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The All New Nimbuzz Experience on Android

Hi Everyone,

We are very proud and excited to roll out a completely revamped and slick UI in this update for our Android client.

The New UI is much cleaner and faster and fun to use. We are sure you will have a great time playing around with the ‘new’ Nimbuzz 

Just to get you started, here is a quick rundown of a couple of goodies that we have packed in this update –

Swipe to Browse Chats
While you are chatting with a person, you can simply swipe left or right to go to previous or the next chat with another contact.


Multimedia Sharing
Easy, sleek and convenient ways to share Photo, Video & Audio.


Easy Contact Sorting
Sort your Contacts by selecting the category from a sleek drop down menu in Contacts view.


Chat List Sorting
Just like your Contacts, you can now sort your Chats based on One-to-One or Group Chats.


Improved Dialer
The new & redesigned Dialer makes it easy to dial numbers or select them from Phonebook.


Contact Profiles
On the Contacts tab, click on the Contact avatar to see Contact details(status, profile, calling & messaging options). The new Contact Profile is much for richer and trendy too !


Not only these, there are many such improvements that have been bundled along with this update. So download the New Nimbuzz now & let the fun begin ! :)

Latest Update (2.5.1) for Nimbuzz on Android

Hi folks !

We are very happy to roll out the latest update for our Android users. This update packs exciting new features & lots of improvements & bug fixes.


Here is quick walk through on what has changed in Nimbuzz 2.5.1 for Android.

1. Improved Chat Screen with Wallpaper & Chat Bubbles – Nimbuzz Chat Screen now has a cleaner & better layout with Chat bubbles for easy reading. Also, you can customize the Chat Screen background with Wallpapers of your choice.

2. Phone number verification for account security & better friend suggestions – By introducing Phone Number Verification, we have ensured that you get auto–connected to all the your phone book contacts who are on Nimbuzz, so you can Chat & Call them for Free ! Not only this, we will be now able to provide better friend
recommendations or suggestions to you.


3. File sharing in Chat flow – We have improved the file sharing experience considerably in this release. Now when you send and receive files via Nimbuzz, you can see the progress of upload/download along with thumbnails in Chat Screen.
Also, the file transfer has been optimized so that now it’s easier & faster to upload as well as download them. It also results in less usage of mobile data thus cutting the costs significantly.


4. Facebook Improvements – With this new update, we have ensured that your Facebook contacts are reachable even when they are offline on Facebook. You can keep sending them messages and we will make sure the messages get delivered even when the person is not online on Facebook.


5. Avatar improvements – Avatars used to take some time to show up and were not shown while creating a Group Chat. This has been fixed now.

Along with these, there are many other bug fixes and improvements that have been bundled along with this update.

So download the latest update of Nimbuzz and get connected with your friends & family!

Your active feedback is greatly appreciated in the comments section below.