Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 8 Just Became More Awesome

Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

Nimbuzz users on Windows Phone 8 devices receive yet another exciting update. This update is a translation of our commitment to constantly build a platform that makes conversations fun and convenient. In addition to major file sharing upgrades, we have also introduced a feature that makes chat room usage easier.


Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

After a series of exciting updates to Nimbuzz for iPhone and Android, our loyal Windows Phone 8 users also have a reason to celebrate. We have added a host of new features to make your Nimbuzz experience far more enriching.

Some of the exciting new features on Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 8 include:

  • Connect to any SIP provider and enjoy extremely low cost VOIP calls.
  • Video Recording and Sharing
  • Copy/Forward functionality for chat messages.
  • Quick scrolling in chat window

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Microsoft ‘Surface Smartphone’ – An Uncertain Reality.

If Microsoft is really planning to launch its very own mobile device, then this could be a very bold move. The market already has Nokia and HTC who are giants in the mobile industry producing Windows 8 phones. Time will tell whether such a move will pay off or no.

Sometime earlier it was established that Microsoft will be releasing their very own tablet ‘Surface’, which would be powered by the new Microsoft OS ‘Windows 8’. Now there is news that Microsoft might launch their own smart phone under the ‘Surface’ brand.
This is a logical move in terms of grabbing market share. Microsoft has already achieved their goal of putting their OS almost every home.

For a while now, Microsoft has been dormant in the tech world compared to the rest. This line-up of mobile devices could throw Microsoft right back into the game. No actual details regarding the mobile device have been released.
Although the phone’s release wouldn’t come until the second round or so of Windows Phone 8 devices.

Will this work for the software giant? Does Microsoft have what it takes to tussle the world of hardware?
Share your thoughts with us.

Lumia 920 – The City Comes Alive With Augmented Reality Browser

YouTube Preview Image

A while back Nokia announced their Windows 8 phone – Lumia 920. The device was announced at the manufacturer’s event in New York on 5th September, 2012. The Lumia 920 is powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU (the same one that drives the current US supremos, the HTC One X and Galaxy S III).It also features a ‘better than HD’ 1,280 x 768 LCD display, PureView imaging (albeit with only 8 megapixels), NFC capabilities and a 2,000mAh battery with wireless charging. From the outside, it may appear as though not much has changed but with Windows 8 powering the very core of this device, there is a lot more to it- (more…)